WARNING: A no-brainer ahead 

What if you never had to worry about filling your pipeline again?
Would that be a good thing?

How, you might ask, are we doing that?


    Meet Ted.

Ted is
   • Brilliant
   • A true problem-solver
   • And great with technology

But he’s not very good with 
clients. His bosses are even 
afraid to let him out of the 

But we at Armstrong Scott 
        saw potential in Ted.



We gave him a makeover and upgraded him from Ted v. 1 to the new and improved Ted 2.0


He’s so much more powerful. He’s all the things he was as Ted v.1

  •  Brilliant
  •  A problem-solver
  •  Great with technology

BUT now he can go out in public!

  •  He can interact with clients without putting them to sleep.
  •  He thrives on networking and building relationships.
  •  And—most importantly—he’s bringing in business.
     Filling that pipeline!  

Interested in upgrading your Ted so he can bring in business?
It seems like a no-brainer to us. 

Call us now at 404-248-9475 to get started.



“We spend a lifetime trying to understand ourselves and each other. Pam provides expert business and communication coaching that will help engineers
and other professionals succeed in their workplace by helping them understand themselves and their co-workers. 

Pam's diverse background coupled with her ability to quickly indentify problems and issues are essential qualities of a business and communication coach. It is easy to see valuable results with Pam. 

I would highly recommend Pam to engineers and other professionals struggling with internal employee conflict in their workplace.” 

Greg W., hired Pam as a Business Consultant in 2008

"With Pam, I have someone to talk to about the issues I’m dealing with. We talk through possibilities and evaluate options. She provides a reality check so I can make good decisions."

Anna Shmukler, P.E.; CEO and owner, TSD Engineers
Went from negative numbers to $1.8 million in 18 months



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